5 Ways to Dress up a Ponytail

One of the most classic go-to hairstyles is the ponytail, but they don’t always have to look boring. Here are 5 amazing tricks that can make any ponytail look fabulous:
1. Add a second and third hair tie to section parts of the ponytail. Not only will this make your ponytail more dynamic, but also give it a fun, bubbly look.
2. Add a fun braid on the side. A simple braid can make a wavy ponytail look more elegant.
3. Put up a high ponytail and slick down your hair with gel or hairspray. Flat iron the ends of the ponytail for an extra sleek look.
4. Fishtail the top of your hair and let it flow into a ponytail. This look is so easy you don’t even need a mirror!
5. Gather your hair into a low ponytail, leaving a small section towards the front free. Use the loose piece of hair and twist it into a sleek coil using a styling cream and wrap it around the base of the low ponytail, disguising the elastic.

Additional Reading: http://sayyestohoboken.com/2012/03/10-ways-to-dress-up-your-ponytail.html

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