How to Prepare for Prom

One of the most memorable experiences of high school is Prom. Check out these tips that will have you more than ready for a perfect prom night!

  1. Be sure to start looking for a prom dress well ahead before prom. Giving yourself sufficient time will allow you to try on different styles as well as compare deals. Also, alterations require advance notice to your tailor or seamstress in order to be completed.
  2. Hair and make up appointments need to be made at least three weeks in advance in order to ensure a spot with exactly who you want and where. Choose the style you want ahead of time as well to ensure that your hairdresser can create it and that it will work well with the dress you’ve chosen.
  3. Be sure to try on any shoes, accessories, and undergarments on with your dress to ensure that everything looks and fits okay. You might regret not breaking in those new heels when your feet are in pain at the dance.
  4. Confirm the color of the boutonniere and corsage with your date before placing the order. Also, be sure that tickets are purchased and dinner reservations are made in advance.
  5. Schedule a time and location with your prom group for pictures before the big night. Does you best friend have a beautiful backyard that would serve well as a location for prom pictures, or is there a nice park nearby that would work too? Be sure to have all cameras and phones charged for this memorable night as well.
  6. Plan activities for after prom with friends and parents ahead of time. Will it be a night of movies with a big breakfast at dawn? Don’t forget to pack a comfy after prom outfit with appropriate shoes so you aren’t stuck in your formal attire all night.
  7. Have fun! Even with all of the advanced planning you can muster, things may still go “wrong.” Try to embrace any unexpected surprises and remember that the point of prom is to celebrate the end of the school year, or even high school, with your closest friends.

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